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Feb 1, 2013 5:00pm EST
the food fabulous, but i headed to jackson square for the sights and sounds to soothe the soul. ♪ [ "creole march"] ♪ >> jackson square, a feast for the senses. it takes you to another place. >> it's a wonderful. it is unique to the city. it's a great time. you get to really meet the artists pharmacy there working. it's fabulous. >> behind each of these artists is a story. he chooses to make something beautiful from tattered debris left by devastating hurricanes. >> this painting here has a branch i found all the banks of the mississippi river. what your looking at here is a child's desktop. then you are looking at par from a house. there are a lot of items that i find are really tattered. i even do reconstruction to save the items. going through storms and the hard ship, it is similar to our lives. we have to piece it back together no matter what the damages. >> the positive by the comes alive in new orleans. like a catchy tune, it stays with you. >> it is always a celebration of life. they are always up be. they are always having a good time. ♪ down in new orleans >> i just cannot get
Feb 20, 2013 5:00pm EST
years when clinton bradley killed jackson. bradley had been previously convicted of murder and was on parole and probation when he committed that murder. >> a man charged in a frightening case of trespassing in glen burnie. police say justin beaumont got into high school and started talking about how he was bullied. detectives uncovered handguns and high capacity ammunition magazines inside his home. well there were legally owned, mental health concerns prompted authorities to seize them. beaumont was placed under mental health and will be reviewed before the case goes to trial. sarah brady is using her skill and influence to pass the gun control pope -- proposal. her husband james was wounded in the 1981 assassination attempt on president ronald reagan. >> sarah brady likes the proposal. >> sarah brady, the general of a 32-year-old battle over gun control met with anthony brown for a strategy session. the rich of her crusade go back to march 30, 1981. during the assassination attempt of president reagan. james brady, sears has been with shot. paralyzed and permanently disa
Feb 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
the verdict in the trial of michael jackson. reaction from both families. the governor made a pitch for gun-control proponents are expressing their views loud and clear. a live report from annapolis. the stories for you and more >> yesterday's victory parade showed the ravens hall strong football pride can be. 200,000 strong. ray rice rolling in with teammates. one of the best moments of his career. >> and on to new york. the running back made an appearance on "live with kellie and michael." >> he looked great and offered his take on that third quarter power outage. >> we're all watching the game obviously and you guys have the commanding lead, you're in control. you have a 33 minute power outage. did that almost cost to the game? >> you are saying 33. it was 84 minutes. >> you are not on the field. >> yes. >> you want to keep our momentum as a running back, you want to keep yourself out. we are still sitting and the power goes out. >> do you think someone from the 49ers' pulled the plug? >> i do not know what happened. the only thing i can say now is i am glad i am a super bowl champion. >
Feb 7, 2013 5:00pm EST
stems from extra caution on the part of the network after it aired janet jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction. the network was initially find for that, but it was overturned. michael johnson has been convicted of the murder of phylicia. away from when you're the opening ceremonies of the winter olympics. >> the opening ceremony for the winter olympic teams is just a year way. the excitement is building, but it is not all smooth sailing. >> tonight, they needed official. one year until the opening ceremony for the game's. even as construction buzzes ahead, there are concerns. it is a subtropical gun. temperatures there reached -- so the tropical sun keeping temperatures there reached 59 in the mountains. they say that there will be enough snow to hold the games. >> we are collecting the snow from the previous season and using it the next year. >> cost has become a major concern. these are the most expensive that paralympics ever. cost overruns of brought the -- most expensive olympics ever. cost overruns have brought the price higher. the russian president is making his presence kn
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4